Polymerteplo Group — the leader in manufacturing of flexible pre-insulated polymer pipe systems for district heating and hot water distribution.

Largest manufacturing facility in Russia and Eastern Europe

Polymerteplo Group is the leading Russian and Eastern European developer and producer of flexible pre-insulated polymer pipe systems for district heating and hot water networks, and non-freezing water pipes for municipal and industrial purposes. Company was founded by shareholders of POLYPLASTIC Group in 2002 — the leading company in development and manufacturing of engineering plastics and polymer pipe systems producing in Russia and CIS.

The production facilities of Polymerteplo Group are located in Russian Federation and in the Republic of Belarus. All plants are operated per ISO 9001 quality management system. Polymerteplo Group flagship facility — Zavod AND GAZTRUBPLAST (Moscow) — is the only plant in the world, combining manufacturing of PEX-A pipes and flexible corrugated stainless steel pipes with their in-line insulation in one place.

R&D: world standard research and development center

Incorporated in Polymerteplo Group, the R&D Center «Plastic» is one of the world’s leading research and development organizations, focused on high-temperature polymer material applications.

The Group is the developer and the owner of the whole range of innovative energy-efficient heat transportation techniques.

Their industrial implementation resulted in introduction of the flexible pre-insulated pipe systems produced by Polymerteplo Group plants under ISOPROFLEX, ISOPROFLEX-A and ISOPROFLEX-ARKTIK trademarks. Nowadays these brands are well known in pre-insulated pipes market in CIS and abroad.

Business Partners: major district heating companies of Russia and CIS

Mainly due to ISOPROFLEX systems development, the wide-scale energy-efficient renovation of district heating mega networks of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, and other cities became possible.

During the number of years on the market, Polymerteplo Group earned solid reputation of a high reliability, energy efficient and environmentally friendly pipe systems manufacturer. The total heat pipe sales in Russia and CIS countries of more than 10 000 km (years 2002 - 2018).

Polymerteplo Group is constantly working towards further increase of its marketing advantage continuously improving its key competences:

  • Breakthrough research and development in chemistry and physics of high-temperature polymer materials;
  • Innovative product solutions, targeting specific demands of Russian and CIS district heating / power generating companies; 
  • Flexible polymer pipes manufacturing for heat distribution and hot water networks with unique performance factors and quality characteristics allowing network improvement solutions with non-stop service to the consumers;
  • Full service engineering, organizational, and financial solutions for District Heating companies.

Since 2002 Polymerteplo Group has become a strategic business partner of the world’s largest district heating company, «The Joint Moscow Power Generating Company» in energy efficiency optimization of Moscow heating networks.