History of POLYMERTEPLO Group — continuous development and innovations in the field of heat transportation


Foundation of POLYMERTEPLO Group in Moscow (Russia).
First in Eastern Europe production of flexible pre-insulated polymer pipes by POLYMERTEPLO Group licensed by Brugg Rohrsysteme Company (Switzerland), and first in Russia ISO 9000 certification of polyethylene pipes production.


Production of large diameter cross-linked polyethylene pressure pipes in partnership with one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Golan Plastic (Israel).


First in the world production of cross-linked polyethylene pipes with diameters 140 and 160 mm for heating and hot water distribution networks.
Development of ISOPROFLEX-A pipes by POLYMERTEPLO Group R&D center — a totally new in international practice class of pressure pipes, reinforced with high-modulus fibers.


First in the world industrial production of reinforced cross-linked polyethylene pipes, designed for operating temperatures up to 95° C and pressures up to 1 MPa.


Production of flexible corrugated stainless steel pressure pipes for high-temperature heating networks within Russian-Swiss company «Brugg-Plast».
Production of flexible cross-linked polyethylene pipes, stainless steel pipes, and continuous insulation for those pipes at one location by CJSC «Zavod AND Gaztrubplast», the flagship enterprise of POLYMERTEPLO Group.


Reinforced pipes and the fitting system design patenting in Russia, Europe, and the USA.

Delivery of ISOPROFLEX-A pipes to Catawba (Virginia) — the first USA pilot installation project.


New pre-insulation plant launching in Belarus.

High-temperature CASAFLEX pipe system production for operating temperatures up to 160 °C.


Increase of POLYMERTEPLO Group Russian market share for more than 80% as a result of anti-crisis strategy implementation after the peak of 2008 global financial crisis.


Development of extended ISOPROFLEX-A and CASAFLEX product line by POLYMERTEPLO Group R&D-center in cooperation with leading European and US companies.


Start of technical application for high-temperature ISOPROFLEX-115A pipe system with 115° C maximum operating temperature.
More than 6000 km of flexible pre-insulated pipes, manufactured and sold by POLYMERTEPLO Group.


Preparation work for industrial production of high-temperature ISOPROFLEX-135 pipe system for 135 °C maximum operating temperature.